Where performance and function meet design.

Design and performance come together in a beautiful, high performing new fabric that is Commercial DualShade 350 – made using a revolutionary, patented knit pattern that features a single color on one side and a complementary color on the opposite side. The unique aesthetic of this fabric is only surpassed by its performance.

This architectural shade fabric offers the ultimate combination of sun protection, strength, and durability. It is made of high-quality breathable knitted fabric that allows a breeze to flow through keeping environments cool and comfortable which is ideal when using tension structures and shade sails.

Maximum durability and superior dimensional stability are achieved through our proprietary knit pattern, and DualShade 350 is backed by a 10 year warranty against UV degradation. The beautiful palette of color combinations will enhance the design of any outdoor space. Whether you’re creating a structure for a school, playground, office building, hospital, or sports complex, there is a DualShade 350 color combination to match any environment with a unique design.